In the Footsteps of the Masters: Episode 3

Finally! We’re back with the third episode of In the Footsteps of the Masters! In this episode, we’ll dive deeper into the basics of tabla theory, and learn about taals, vibhags and other such terms. If it gets too boring, please remember that we always welcome comments and feedback at Save the Sitar!

In the Footsteps of the Masters: Episode 2

Guess what’s here? Our second episode in our series ‘In the Footsteps of the Masters’! In this segment we will play our first tabla phrase and will also explore some tabla theory, but don’t worry, it won’t get too boring! And remember, comments and queries are always welcomed at Save the Sitar.

The Tabla Strokes in Detail

Upon popular request, we have released a tabla tutorial in which we elaborate on the basic tabla strokes briefly highlighted in the first segment of In the Footsteps of the Masters, Episode 1: The Basic Strokes. This includes the strokes of dha, ta, ghe, te, te (de), tu, kat and ke, which have all beenContinue reading “The Tabla Strokes in Detail”