The Untold Half

Popularizing Classical Music Research on this Side of the Indo-Pak Border

Compared to its Indian counterpart, research on Pakistani classical music lags behind by miles. We are losing the stylistic and historic music knowledge that is unique to Pakistan and is deserving of documentation and analysis. While we at Save the Sitar are not qualified to conduct our share of music research, we can try popularize the few crucial works that have been produced in the field. “The Untold Half” is our attempt to raise awareness about Pakistani classical music by promoting research through presentations aimed at school-going students and series of online articles.

In the following video, esteemed musicologist and classical singer Mrs. Sarah Zaman describes how she helped us begin this project and what she hopes it could achieve.

We have begun publishing our first subproject, “The Sitar Gharanas of Pakistan”. Check it out to learn more about the rich heritage of Pakistan’s five major sitar gharanas.

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