About Us

A Little Backstory

Mission Statement

Save the Sitar aims to create a thriving culture of Pakistani classical music that will remain true to its roots while having a strong worldwide presence.

Save the Sitar will

  • rejuvenate the waning government and public interest in Pakistani classical music.
  • bring together governmental and non-governmental organizations to empower musicians.
  • encourage and provide opportunities to people to learn authentic Pakistani classical music.
  • archive the rich classical music tradition of Pakistan.

Our Accomplishments

It’s human nature to get lost in an unhealthy dose of nostalgic sentimentality, especially with our lofty goals in mind. However, we pride ourselves for having our feet firmly on the ground with quantifiable achievements: we have archived the life experiences of 16 musicians, a treasure trove of exclusive knowledge that otherwise would have been lost forever. Videos related to this oral history project have gained over 9,500 views while our tabla tutorial series has garnered over 1,600 views on YouTube! This is not to mention how we’ve been featured on BBC Urdu and Dawn, delivering our message to a wide audience.

Some History

Save the Sitar was founded in September 2019 when we (i.e. the brothers Muneeb and Mubeen Irfan Chaudhary) were inspired by a visit to Lahore’s Androon Shehr. We had gone to buy a harmonium and were shocked by the miserable conditions of musicians who had fallen on hard times. Their bitterness against the government and society, whose active and passive actions had destroyed their community and art, was palpable. Appalled by the situation, we resolved to help them with the encouragement of our parents, and Save the Sitar was born. In November 2019, we interviewed Tanveer Hussain, an elderly blind musician, for our first post and the site was launched in January 2020.

The Founders

Muneeb is 17 years old and has loved playing the tabla and harmonium ever since he started in seventh grade. A true hypocrite, he spends much more time listening to Western classical music than its South Asian counterpart and also plays the piano. Between his A Level classes, squash sessions and machine learning endeavors with his brother, Save the Sitar has been another of his various passions. He likes to say that he’s been the main driving force behind the website, despite Mubeen’s objections to this haughty claim .  

Mubeen is 14 years old and started playing the tabla in fifth grade. He suggested the name of Save the Sitar (which everyone agrees is clearly better than the alternative of Rescue the Raag) and is considered to be the resident factotum. He enjoys reading, weaving date leaf baskets, making puppets, knitting and playing squash. Both brothers’ partnerships in squash, machine learning and Save the Sitar say a lot about their mutual interests and close bond.

Save the Sitar is a website dedicated to preserving Pakisan’s classical music. Join our growing community to help further our cause.

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