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I really love what [Save the Sitar] is doing … keep up the good work!

Kuljit Bhamra MBE, British composer and tabla player

Journeying through the Old City of Lahore, the heart of Punjab, you are bombarded by an assortment of noises and smells. The calls of vendors in the bazaar, the smell of fresh-cooked naan, the clink of coins as they are dropped into the merchant’s hand, they all lure you out on the street. Yet in this colourful background, something is missing. What, you may ask. It is the rhythmic beat of the tabla, the melancholic song of the sitar, the strong, throbbing melody of the rubab. These instrument were a means of livelihood and entertainment to all. Now they are gone. Save the Sitar is a blog with one mission: to spread awareness about the disappearance of these instruments and help save them. For these are not only sources of livelihood or entertainment, these are parts of our culture. Read More…

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The Matka

At Save the Sitar, we have covered many diverse types of instruments, from sarangis to tablas. Continuing this tradition, today we will cover an unusual yet amazing instrument: the matka, an instrument which may appear to the uninitiated as a … pot?! What’s this? We cover instruments, not cooking utensils! Or at least we thinkContinue reading “The Matka”

The Circle Unbroken

When we entered the shop of Ziauddin, the 75-year-old Pride of Performance winning sitar-maker was working on a sarod’s wooden frame in deep concentration. He looked up to welcome us, and putting his tools away, sat down for an interview. From time to time his eyes wandered to the instruments hanging on the walls, theContinue reading “The Circle Unbroken”

Saleem Haider

Saleem Haider is a music director who was born in Lahore. His teacher was the famous Akhtar Hussain Akhiyan, who worked in films such as Gulbadan, Aas Paas etc. His ancestors used to be mainly actors in the past, and his family has also remained related to classical music. His grandfather used to collaborate withContinue reading “Saleem Haider”

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