The Song of the Surmandal

Niaz Khan is certainly a well-travelled, multi-talented and multi-lingual individual. He has been to many countries around the world, from Russia to India, can sing in many languages, play the surmandal and makes a variety of instruments, from the druza to the harmonium. A man of many talents, as we said before, and certainly oneContinue reading “The Song of the Surmandal”

Bombay In Lahore

As we entered Bombay Music Store, we could not help notice the inescapable sense of bitterness and decline which was bound to the very soul of the shop and its aging proprietor, Muhammad Asif.  Despite our countless interactions with Lahore‚Äôs aging classical musicians who are subject to poverty, mistreatment, and social ostracization, there was somethingContinue reading “Bombay In Lahore”