The Dying Voice of a Forgotten Civillisation

When peoplehear the term ‘wind instrument’, most people think of a flute or trumpet like instrument, which is played by a large amount of people. The borrindo, a traditional wind instrument of Sindh, does not fit this description. Played by an ever-decreasing amount of musicians, the borrindo looks more like a clay pot than a millenia old instrument. The borrindo traces its lineage back to the ancient Indus Valley Civillisation, which was located mostly in what is now Sindh in Pakistan. This instrument is played mainly while grazing cattle or some other such job which doesn’t require that much attention. It is quite easy to create, and not that hard to play, but the shifting attentions of the youth of Sindh are dooming this ancient instrument. The borrindo has survived for millenia, but it may not survive this century.

Further Information:

Geo News: Sounds of Sindh

The cover photo is courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

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