In the Footsteps of the Masters: Episode 1

It is now that our journey “In the Footsteps of the Masters” truly begins, with the our first episode in the series published! In Episode 1: The Basic Strokes, we get to learn the basics of the tabla which will form the backbone of the rest of the booklet “42 Lessons for the Tabla”. RememberContinue reading “In the Footsteps of the Masters: Episode 1”

What’s Your Favourite Pakistani Instrument?

The result was collected as of 13:30 (UTC) July 11, 2020, with the tabla being the winner. However this poll is still open and everyone is welcome to express their opinion and vote! We are pleased to say that our Instruments series has been a great success. We have now launched a poll to findContinue reading “What’s Your Favourite Pakistani Instrument?”

The Harmonium

Many will be surprised to learn that the harmonium which we know today has an extremely interesting and intriguing history. The harmonium was invented by the Danish scientist Christian Gottlieb Kratzenstein in 1780, a professor of physiology in the University of Copenhagen. Incidentally, his experiments with electricity inspired the famous Gothic horror novel, Mary Shelley’sContinue reading “The Harmonium”